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Talk Radio, the voice for us who really care!!!
Curtis Wright-93.7 & 106.3           Lockwood Phillips-1240AM and 107.1FM           Dave Perkins- 99.3FM                  The Big Dawg-98.5 FM                                            Matt Mittan-570AM                     Chuck Browder-1640AM                                        Chuck Campbell 1240AM and others.  Fairness

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. "

Here is a link to hear Colonel Nielsen  Listen

Voting 101: How to vote-what they don't want you to know. got to read

Hookers and Pimps may be trusted more than some candidates.  a must read
"Politician, one of the few professions that with experience, you get worse."

We are the stewards of our environment. more

What YOU can do to help your state!! I want to help
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you;  all of you that offered to help.  You response was overwhelming!!!!!!

Before you raise you hand to vote engage your brain   A Call  to action

Colonel Dennis Nielsen...bio

Web site hits are exploding: 20,000 in Jan, 25,000 in Feb, 30,000+ in March and over 80,156 in April. see why

DOT out of Control , a must read, see more

Can we win, you bet we can!!!!We can do it

See how you match up with the candidates, who is most like you.
 I want to know

Property taxes for Seniors

Another New Tax

Guns laws need to be modified

Seniors are our most valuable citizens we must help them financially. More New video services tax hits North Carolina, when will they stop??   More Law abiding citizens must be allowed to carry weapons for self protection. More

Vehicle Safety Inspections

DMV rips you off on your car taxes.....

Stop Forced Annexation

We must stop the practice of unfair vehicle inspections. More See my letter to Governor Easley and the DMV.  More Cities and towns must be stopped from forcibly annexing property..  More
Reduce the car tax

DOT- an agency out of control.

Corrupt Politicians

Citizens are overcharged for vehicle property taxes. More A recent report says the DOT is too political, bosses waste time and their greatest failures come from inaction more Why do you put up with corruption in politics, only you can stop it.  More

Government by the People

Voting 101

Illegal Immigration

What's wrong with the government. Look in the mirror.   More What the politicians don't want you to know about voting   More No country has ever survived without controlling
it' s borders.
Education- an easy fix   Money the easy answer
I am sorry to tell you the education system has failed our youth.  More Pictures We are going the wrong way, money will not fix our problems.    More


This statue is of Colonel Dennis Nielsen carrying a small child to safety from the wreckage of United Flight 232 in Sioux City, Iowa in 1989.  The statue resides in a  pavilion  on the banks of  the Missouri River.

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